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We are passionate, people-loving day-makers.


Our Mission

At Incorporate Massage, our mission is to provide stress-free massage experiences for businesses while creating opportunities for massage therapists. 

Our values are at the core of everything we do for our clients and our team. 


Our Values

make people happy 

Deliver a stress-free massage experience

Go above and beyond for clients and team members

be the solution

Always address clients’ concerns


Solve problems and jump in when people need help

work hard, play hard

Work hard on the clock and live life off the clock


Take care of your mental and physical health

talk it out

Communicate clearly, timely, directly and listen actively


Give feedback and assume the best of others


Our Team

We love our team (and so will you!)

Amelia Wilcox

Founder & CEO

Melissa Johnson

Director of Operations

Ashlee Moore

Sales Manager

Emily Russon

Manager of People & Culture

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Hanna Gleue

Staffing Coordinator

ezgif.com-resize (9)-1

Taylor Twomey

Staffing Coordinator

Ambrosia Greer

Membership Coordinator

Chelsey Hawk

Account Executive

ezgif.com-resize (1)-1

Danielle Reichenberg

Finance Coordinator

Stefanie Larson

HR Manager

Kallie Hale

Billing Manager

Allison Stromberg

Recruiting Manager

ezgif.com-resize (3)-1

Cheyenne Inman

HR Intern

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Brooklyn Tanner

Staffing Coordinator

ezgif.com-resize (10)-1

Reannon Haight

Staffing Coordinator

ezgif.com-resize (4)-1

Bridgette Armitstead

Membership Coordinator

Stephanie Selcho

Account Executive

Paul Shin

Chief Revenue Officer

Holly Nielsen

Marketing Manager

Nancy Schwartz


Jessie Mares

Staffing Team Lead

Megan Bluth

Staffing Coordinator

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Nicole Smith

Membership Coordinator

Heather Salazar

Account Executive

ezgif.com-resize (7)-1

Maryjane Lomsak

Account Executive