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5 Affordable Ways to Reduce Workplace Stress [video]

Jun 16, 2015, 9:00:00 AM

Work is often cited as the #1 biggest stressor in people's lives. So it's no wonder that finding ways to reduce workplace stress is top-of-mind for most HR professionals.

In week 5 of our Secrets of Human Resources video series, our experts share their best practices on creating a stress-free office. Check out our video interviews below! 


Expert Advice: 5 Effective Ways to Reduce Workplace Stress


 Note: Property Solutions is now Entrata


1. Keep on Top of Office Stress Levels

Different departments will have different stress levels, and they’ll change throughout the year, says Brandon Fish, VP of HR at Entrata. Wellness programs can contribute a lot to stress reduction, by offering activities for employees to participate in. 

Don't aim for complete removal of all stress though. As Fish notes, a little stress is good because it keeps people performing at a higher level.


2. Provide Options for Stress Relief 

Clearlink's employees can battle stress-fatigue with scooters, video games, ping pong, or a walk around the nearby lake. Simple activities like these are what helps keep stress low at Clearlink, says Cammie Cable, VP of HR.

By providing getaway zones for employees, your workers can de-stress with non-work related activities. Managers can step in when they notice signs of stress in their employees -- by reaching out and providing resources, managers can better help employees de-stress as much as possible, says Cable.  

3. Encourage Staying Active

By encouraging employees to stay active, Varian Medical Systems helps reduce workplace stress, says Nurse Practitioner Diana Hasselfeld.

An on-site clinic helps to monitor blood pressure and glucose levels. They also offer corporate massages and an atmosphere of team building. 


5 ideas to reduce workplace stress


4. Make Office Stress-Relief Part of the Culture

A 6-week stress management program has successfully helped employers lower their stress at Usana Health Sciences, says Chad Myler, Wellness Director.

This program provides education on what stress is, what creates it, and how to change the way people interact with stress. Relaxation techniques, such as breathing techniques, guided imagery, and playing with PlayDoh are also used. 

In addition to the workplace stress management program, they also offer on-site massages, and programs dedicated to mental wellness and reducing stigma associated with mental health services. Providing time for employees to step away from their desks for 10 minutes to participate in a stress relief activity, such as meditation, can make a big impact, Myler says. 


5. Keep the Workday Fun

By giving a little attention to stress relief regularly, upper level management can easily lower stress, says Randy Rassmussen, HR Director at Nelson Laboratories. A fun, lighthearted work atmosphere will do wonders for employee stress levels.

Whether it's a costume contest at Halloween or a home-grown film festival, keeping everyone involved in non-work activities will create a culture of ease.


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Erin Hall
Written by Erin Hall