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Lunch & Learn Topics Your Employees Actually Want

Jun 8, 2015 9:00:00 AM

Are you looking for creative ideas for office lunch and learn topics? You're not alone. If you're tasked with the project of bringing dynamic lunch and learn topics to your team, we've got a list of great ideas to get you started.

The key to keeping employees engaged with a lunchtime learning session is given them topics that they are interested in. No, not topics the higher-ups are interested in (though you can sneak some of that in occasionally), but information that is relevant to them: how they work, self-improvement, career-enhancing ideas, etc.  

lunch and learn ideas

Creative Lunch n Learn Ideas


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Work and Organization Lunch and Learn Ideas

Everyone appreciates a refresher course in personal organization. And the best thing about most of these ideas is that they're as applicable for personal life as they are for professional life. Try going back to the basics:

1. Give an overview of David Allen's revolutionary Getting Things Done system

  • To start with -- if something will take less than 2 minutes to to, do it now
  • Can be adapted to any field, industry, or work style

2. Review ways to set and meet goals like a pro

  • Committing to just 20 minutes a day of work on a project/activity is doable for anyone
  • Can be applied to working out, organizing/cleaning, reading, check off items from the backlog list, etc. 

3. Monthly book club disguised as a lunch and learn 

  • Pick topics that are more or less related to your field
  • Even if some employees haven't read the book, an overview of the bullet points will be beneficial to everyone

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Health and Wellness Lunch and Learn Topics

Keeping fit and healthy in a typical 9-5 job can be a difficult task for some employees. Make it easier for them by giving them easy ways to create a healthier lifestyle. There's no reason a lunch and learn needs to involve people sitting still in their chairs:

4. In-office exercises and stretches

5. A cooking class from a nutritionist

  • Gives ideas for healthy workplace lunches and snacks
  • A hands-on class provides practical skills

6. Lunch-time exercise activities lead by a certified instructor 

  • Yoga or Pilates class
  • Fitness boot camp
  • Meditation and mindfulness practice

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Let Your Employees Teach Each Other

Take a lesson from TED Talks -- just because your employees work under the same roof doesn't mean they know anything about what each team member does.

Each of your company's departments contributes to the whole in a different way, but the whys and hows might be confusing to anyone not on that team.

Assign each department a date during which they will give their lunchtime presentation to the other employees -- modify this list according to your company's needs.

7. Design department

  • What do they want other departments to know about how they work? 
  • What do others do that makes their work easier/harder? 

8. Marketing department

  • What does a typical workday look like? 
  • What's the most exciting part of their job? What's the hardest? 

9. Client services & sales

  • What's the work pipeline from initial client contact to end service or product? 
  • How can other departments best support their work?  


lunch and learn ideas


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Erin Hall
Written by Erin Hall