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Employee Assistance Programs: 5 of the Best Offsite Options

Oct 26, 2016 9:00:00 AM

Do you want to start an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) but you're not sure where to start? Knowing what services your company needs can be tricky, but offering an EAP is a huge benefit to your employees. 

EAPs can provide employees with access to counselors, financial advisors, and life coaches to help them overcome many of life's challenges. 

In this article, we'll give you five examples of off-site EAPs that could work for you. 

Employee Assistance Programs: 5 Companies Doing It Right


employee assistance programs


While many companies have an EAP office on site, hiring an off-site EAP can be beneficial because it helps protect employee's confidentiality. If your EAP is on site, people can watch their coworkers go in and out for counseling sessions, and the whole idea of confidentiality is destroyed.

These five companies offer online and app-based services that allow for flexibility as well as confidentiality. 


1. LifeWorks

Like most EAPs, LifeWorks offers counseling and life coaching. What makes LifeWorks unique is their private social network, accessed via an app, that allows for social recognition of success.

Publicly acknowledging employee accomplishments helps employees feel included and recognized. LifeWorks also offers financial wellness support, employee financial perks to well-known businesses, and analytics to help you measure employee engagement. 



2. New Directions

New Directions offers a helpline where employees can call and find counselors and other professional services that they may need close to home.

New Directions also offers short-term counseling, training for managers, crisis management, health coaching, and analytics. A dedicated account manager ensures your company uses the program as efficiently as possible, and also helps in marketing the program to employees. 


EAP service


3. BHS

BHS helps your employees overcome challenges through counseling and providing analytics on the usage of the program. But they're unique because each case that they handle is followed through to the very end by a case manager.

Employees have access to face-to-face sessions, as well as unlimited phone sessions with clinicians. 

BHS isn't just limited to mental health counseling. They also offer assistance in financial support, legal assistance, and finding child care and elder care.


4. CorpCare 

CorpCare provides all of the standard counseling, crisis management, and financial consulting services. They also offer orientation and training for your company's management and employees as well as translation services for 240 languages.

There are 4 levels of service to choose from, which determine the number of sessions and kinds of services available. 


eap services


5. E4 Health

E4 Health believes in treating the root of the problem, rather than just the symptoms. That's why they've combined their EAP and Wellness & Care Coordination programs to create one, all-inclusive package called HealthMap. E4 deals with any immediate problems your employees have, do biometric screenings, provide personal coaches, and send you data from 600 algorithms to help you figure out how to coordinate your care. 



EAP Services: How to Choose

Most EAP services provide mental health counseling, financial advising, and crisis management.

So while the services offered may not vary much, the way the program is delivered, as well as the cost, may be the deciding factors. 

Since we're all about surveying your employees when making a big change, let your workers weigh in in which service they like the best. 


employee stress


Emily Russon
Written by Emily Russon