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How One Special Chair Can Boost Your Health Fair Attendance

May 6, 2015 9:00:00 AM

Corporate health fairs are a big deal. Everyone who's anyone seems to be digging in to this growing corporate wellness trend. And for good reason too!

Unfortunately, health fairs, which are so important to businesses, are not known for being fun or memorable. Lots of employees don't make attending a priority and some even avoid health fairs. 

But fear not! We are here to help! 


How Health Fair Massage Increases Attendance




Chair Massage Draws Health Fair Attendees

Providing chair massages at your next health fair is an effective way to boost attendance, with the added bonus of boosting employee morale.

Standard health fair activities include these informational activities:

  • Basic screening tests such as blood pressure
  • Health risk assessments
  • Hearing tests

These can help your employees get a basic picture of their overall health, but they’re not very exciting.

Chair massage can boost your health fair attendance in these ways: 

  • Increases foot traffic
  • Short wait time for each session
  • Immediate stress relief
  • Real physical improvements made on the spot
  • 5 or 10 minute sessions both provide physical and mental benefits


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Health Fair Massages Reduce Employee Stress

What better way to drive the message of health and wellness to their core, than by providing some onsite stress relief for your team?

If you want to get your staff to reduce their blood pressure, this is sure as a heck a great way to start!

A 15 minute massage has been clinically proven to reduce blood pressure by an average of 6% IMMEDIATELY, and that's with no medication at all! <-- CLICK TO TWEET


Health Fair Massages Change Habits

A health fair massage will provide real change on the spot for your employees.

In addition to receiving a 5-10 minute free chair massage, your employees will get feedback from the massage therapist about areas of concern, posture correction ideas, and valuable self-care techniques. Five minutes can change lives.


How Does Health Fair Massage Work?

A health fair massage typically involves a professional massage therapist (or a small army of massage therapists) bringing their massage chair to your event and giving some onsite stress relief to your employees in the form of chair massage.

A massage chair doesn’t take up much space at all. A 10x10 space is more than enough for a massage therapist with a chair to work in.

Most massages in a health fair setting are 5-15 minutes, but don't be deceived, even a quick 5 minute chair massage provides a plethora of benefits.

If you want to take your health fair to the next level, check out our article on the Best Corporate Massage Companies to find a good fit for your needs. And don’t be surprised when the chair massages are the most talked about aspect of your health fair

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Erin Hall
Written by Erin Hall