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How to Improve Wellness Program Participation [video]

Jun 2, 2015, 9:00:00 AM

We asked our 5 corporate wellness leaders how they improved employee involvement in their wellness programs. Some answers were common knowledge, but there were some surprises. Check out the video interviews below!


5 Ways to Increase Wellness Program Participation 


 Note: Property Solutions is now Entrata


Increase Employee Participation with These Top 2 Requests

Entrata hit on a key aspect of human psychology: The “What’s in it For Me?” Factor. By providing concrete ways for employees to improve their well-being, Entrata rarely has an employee opt-out of their wellness program.

Some methods Entrata has used include providing healthy lunches and keeping a thriving massage therapy program. Additionally, Entrata has surveyed their employees to see what they really want out of a wellness program, so they’re not creating a program without employee input.

The top two things that are repeatedly asked for? Gym passes and massages.



Engage Employees By Giving Options

Clearlink acknowledges their employee's individualism by allowing them to choose their wellness journey. By not dictating what each employee needs to do, Clearlink allows its employees to create the path that works best for them. Learning how to improve wellness program participation is as simple as learning what will work for each employee. 

Because "healthier" can mean different things to different people, allowing your employees to be engaged with their wellness on their own terms will yield a greater level of employee participation. 



Program Awareness Increases Employee Participation

To get the word out about their wellness program and activities, Varian Medical Systems does a lot of marketing. From regular emails to notices posted in the cafeteria, Varian makes sure their employees are in the know. They organize group activities to keep their program dynamic and team-oriented. 

Employees who have measured some degree of health success through the program are highlighted for other employees to see. When employees see their peers creating success with the wellness program, they get motivated as well. 


 How To Improve Wellness Program Participation


Provide Freebies to Grow Employee Engagement

Usana Health Sciences knows that people are motivated by incentives and free stuff. By using freebies initially, you'll increase your attendance. But don't stop there -- you have to build a quality program that keeps employees engaged once you have their attention. 

Usana has built a successful wellness program by not letting their program go stagnant -- they'll add and remove and revamp aspects of the wellness program according to what's working and what employees are excited about.


Leaders Who Care Can Easily Improve Wellness Program Participation

Nelson Laboratories cites a large degree of its wellness program success to the direct involvement of their CEO. At the initial unveiling of their wellness program, Nelson Laboratories' CEO spoke at length about why the program was important to him -- because he cared about his employees and their health. 

Not only did he cover the health aspects of their program, but he also emphasized the financial savings employees could realize -- through their participation, they could receive discounted medical premiums as well as partial coverage of a FitBit.

By showing commitment in employee health from the top-down, Nelson Laboratories is able to drive employee interest in their wellness program. <--TWEET THIS 


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Erin Hall
Written by Erin Hall