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Is Managing a Workplace Massage Program Too Much Work?

Aug 17, 2015 9:00:00 AM

Many of our clients' first concerns about their new massage program was that managing the schedule would be too much work. First off, a workplace massage program shouldn't create more problems for the office -- it should solve them (at least some of them). 

Here at Incorporate Massage, we've heard these concerns and have implemented a streamlined program that requires minimal upkeep on our clients' part.

Will It Be Too Much Work to Manage a Workplace Massage Program?


scheduling workplace chair massage


Setting Up a Workplace Massage Program

The most time you should spend on your office massage program is at the beginning. When you're signing paperwork and hashing out details with your massage company.

During this time, a reputable massage business will ask you all the right questions to make sure your program will be able to run smoothly moving forward. 

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Scheduling Your Office Massages

The last thing your office wants is more busywork. Ideally, the massage company you choose will take care of all the scheduling for you.

Personally, we have a online system we use to scheduling our clients' employees for each of their massages. There is no paper-based sign-up sheet to track down in the office, and no one on your end needs to manage the scheduling. 

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scheduling workplace chair massage


Chair Massage Reminders

It's hard to image that people would forget about chair massage day at the office - but it happens! Having an automated reminder sent to employees helps keep their appointment in mind when the time comes.

If employees are late to their individual sessions, the therapist will give them the remaining time of their session and will ensure that following appointments don't get pushed back because of it. A great massage company will communicate scheduling needs with the employees directly, without needing a middle man to coordinate it. 

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Follow-Up For Your Office Massage Program

Even with a smooth-running system, it's important to be able to reach out to your massage company as needed if there are questions, concerns, or changes that need to happen to the program.

So while your office should be able to be as hands-off as possible while the program is running, there should be an open-door policy with your massage company.  

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Erin Hall
Written by Erin Hall