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4 Ways To Provide On Site Chair Massage On a Budget

Posted by Amelia Wilcox on May 27, 2015 12:30:00 PM

I was talking with a client this week about on site chair massage and they asked me a very interesting question. This question really needs to be addressed because I hear it from potential clients all the time, and many times they don’t know that there are any options to help with them with this issue, so they just can’t move forward.


This client had a very specific budget to work with to provide some onsite chair massage for their employees and the massage quote they had been given wasn’t working within that budget. Their question is:

How do I make on site chair massages fit my budget?

 on site chair massage


On Site Chair Massage on a Budget


1. Reduce the duration of your on site chair massage sessions.

Reducing the duration of the chair massages is a very effective tool to get onsite massage to fit into your budget. You can typically reduce the cost by 1/3 or even cut it in half if you’re willing to drop the duration a bit.


If you are looking at 15 minute chair massages for 100 people, that is 25 billable hours. But if you reduce that to 10 minute chair massage sessions, that will drop the billable hours to 16.67. That’s a reduction in about 10 hours, which is a savings of around $600-800.


And most of the time your employees will be none-the-wiser. They are just happy to have a little stress relief at the office.


2. Adjust the frequency of you offer corporate chair massage 

If you are looking at offering a recurring onsite chair massage program, the price tag can be a little daunting when you are considering offering every single employee a 15 minute massage every single week, or even every month for really large organizations. 


For this problem we suggest adjusting the frequency you offer the corporate chair massages. If you can’t afford once a week, look at doing it every other week. If your budget won’t allow once a month, look at every other month, or even chair massage once per quarter.


A good corporate massage company should be able to customize and build restrictions into the onsite chair massage program they build for you to limit your employees to only be able to sign up as often as you want the program to allow them to. If you are curious on what should options should be available to you, you can read about what we do for our clients here.



3. Combine multiple budgets

When some of our clients have had a difficult time getting chair massages to fit into their budgets, we have seen them combine their budget with another department’s budget to make it work. 


Maybe the “Employee Fun Budget” doesn’t have $1200 for a quarterly massage day, but if you combine that budget with some of the “Employee Wellness Budget”, you can make it an effective use of funds for both subcommittees.



4. Subsidize the cost of chair massages with your employees

As I’ve said in other cost of chair massage articles, subsidizing a chair massage program is one of my favorite options for cost control. This cost-sharing option is very popular with our clients and really helps their budgets stretch. Plus it gives the employees some skin in the game, which we have found employers really like.


When a corporate massage company provides a recurring chair massage program for a business, they can typically charge the employees a portion of the cost. Even just a $5 employee contribution per massage can make a huge difference in how far the corporate budget can stretch.


If the cost for corporate massage is $60 per hour, and you decide to have the employees each contribute $5 for their 15 minute massage, then you just cut your costs by 33%. Plus your company still reaps the benefits of the perk of onsite chair massage for your staff because the cost is so low on their end that it’s still considered a benefit to them.


These are what we have found to be the most effective ways to get corporate chair massage to fit into a limited budget. But please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions on that.


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