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Proven Ways to Boost Employee Morale: Why Office Massage

Sep 3, 2015 9:00:00 AM

Employee morale is the cornerstone of a successful business. Without dedicated workers, no business can get very far.

Creating employee dedication means keeping morale high. Find out why office massage programs are a guaranteed way to boost morale. 

boost employee morale with office massage

 How Office Chair Massage
Improves Employee Morale


What is employee morale based on? 

Employee morale is based on a few simple metrics:

  • Job satisfaction: How much do employees enjoy the actual work they do? Are they happy with their role in the organization? Do they see the results of their completed work and feel a sense of pride? 
  • Feelings of well-being: Is it a chore to be on the worksite? Or does the employee have a group of work friends? Even when the work load is heavy, is there some joy and pleasantness in the office? 
  • Overall outlook on career and workplace: If the employee has sights set on something higher, is the plan supported by the workplace? Does their current job fit with their overall career aspirations? Do the company values match the employee's?

There are many things that go into making or breaking employee morale. When morale has become low, the question is not whether to raise it up, but how. 

Financial incentives for job performance are important, but they don't have the same lasting effects. The real key to improving office morale is to create an everyday environment that is pleasant, supportive, and communicative. 

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Does massage really improve morale? The proof is in the data...

Office massage programs reduce stress and its effects, and they support employee health. We have an entire page dedicated to stats on how office massage programs improve employee morale and job performance.

Personally, we've heard every single one of our clients say that their chair massage program has changed the atmosphere of the workplace. Employees are happier, more relaxed, and more focused. 

Onsite massage programs are proven workplace morale boosters. They've been proven to do the following: 

  • Improve employee morale: Workers appreciate being appreciated. Seeing their company invest in their relaxation and happiness helps employees feel valued.  
  • Improve productivity: Short breaks of any kind increase mental focus and productivity. When paired with a 10-15 minute chair massage, workers return to their desks more focused than ever. 
  • Decrease job-related stress: Chair massage lowers blood pressure, and regulates heart rate and breathing. When done on the job, this means the workplace becomes a place to revive and relax, not a place to dread. 

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Erin Hall
Written by Erin Hall