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3 Ways Office Chair Massages Make Business Sense

Jun 21, 2013 7:52:20 PM

Bringing massage into the office relieves stress and creates happier employees—but it also comes with some real, tangible benefits.

One largely unknown benefit of office massage is that it can actually save companies money. Here’s how.


3 Reasons Office Massage Is a
Good Business Move


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1. More time working, less time on injured reserve

Repetitive use injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome wreak havoc in the lives of sufferers and their employers. If not treated, some people may eventually need to have surgery, file for disability or change jobs.

Loss of income and medical expenses can be avoided or at least put off for a time with the aid of massage therapy.

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2. Accommodate employees without spending more

Work stations are a huge deal. A lot of them come with poor ergonomics that contribute to repetitive use problems like carpal tunnel. Sometimes expensive chairs can fix the problem.

Providing chair massage is a more cost-effective than buying expensive hardware. Employees of all different types reap the benefits for a smaller price tag.

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3. Flexible payment options

Workplace massage doesn’t cost a lot. But it’s also extremely flexible. Massage providers usually suggest the following payment plan ideas:


Chair massage in the office isn’t a one-sized-fits-all deal, either. Most massage companies will work with your HR department to create a customized massage plan that’s right for you.

So if you’re thinking about inexpensive options to create a happier, more productive office, don’t rule out massage. The right provider, the right plan, and some talented hands can make a world of difference at your workplace without breaking the bank.


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Greg Fox
Written by Greg Fox

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