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Top 3 Ways to Improve Employee Retention

Jul 15, 2015 9:00:00 AM

Given the time, effort, and money that goes into hiring the right people, employee retention is a must for HR managers. 

The secret sauce includes a generous portion of your company culture. Without it, your employees are less likely to be excited about the work they do. And less passion means they're likely scanning the want ads. 

3 Keys to Employee Retention 


1. Encourage a healthy work / life balance

Monday's don't have to be horrible. Flexible scheduling, work-from-home days, and fuzzy start and stop times to the workday can make a big impact on your employees' experience. Not everyone performs best working 8 hours a day for 5 days in a row. Allow employees to create their own schedule, according to what works best for them.

Make it work by implementing core hours of the day when you'd like everyone to be present. Maybe 10am-3pm, you'd like everyone on-site as much as possible, but before and after those hours employees are free to set their own schedule. 

Holding regular family-friendly events can double as a team-building opportunity. Consider holding a monthly movie night, BBQ, or group tickets to a local sporting event, music show or live theater. 

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improve employee retention


2. Keep employee needs top of mind

Making your company a great place to work should be part of your business goals. It makes financial sense, and it will be an easy way to create accountability of making your culture great.

If all you're focused on as a company is producing X number of products or services or making X amount of money per year, your employees needs will fall by the wayside.

You'll need to pay attention to the people who are making those products and services happen. Keeping employees happy, motivated, and passionate won't just improve employee retention, it will also drive sales. 

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3. Use data to make decisions

Take employee satisfaction surveys seriously. Use data to keep what's working and improve on problem areas.

Being employee-centered means listening to their needs and wants and then acting on them. Get specific -- ask employees what events, policies, or traits about your company keep them happy and motivated. With anonymous surveys, you can afford to ask bold questions -- ask what's making them stay, and what would compel them to leave your company. 

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Erin Hall
Written by Erin Hall