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What to Expect at Your First Chair Massage Event

Jul 29, 2015 2:40:02 PM

Every year we provide massage for hundreds of corporate clients across the U.S. and one of the most common things they want to know when booking a massage event with us for the first time is, "What happens next?"

This is a really great question and it's an important question for anyone getting started with a massage at their office for the first time.

What we are going to do in this article is build out a cheatsheet for any first timer who's wanting to know what to expect with their first chair massage event.

what to expect at your first chair massage event 

The First Timer's Cheatsheet to Chair Massage


When will I be charged for the chair massages?

Incorporate Massage will charge your company credit card on the date of service after the services have been rendered.


Do I need to tip the massage therapist for the office massages?

Nope. We have that taken care of in the cost of the corporate massages. No tipping necessary.

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What's included in the price of corporate massage?

Everything. There won't be any additional charges unless you choose to extend your massage event (see below).


What do I do if I end up needing more or less corporate massage time?

It's our official policy that you can adjust the hours for your massage event up to 24 hours before your big day, and we can usually accommodate the changes you need with 24 hours notice (and sometimes even less!).


What will happen on the day of my massage event?

First, 24 hours before your massage day, you will receive a reminder email with all your appointment details. On the day of your event, the massage therapist will arrive 15 minutes early to set up, and will bring a massage chair (or table upon request), sanitation supplies, and relaxing music as well (if desired).

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Are lotions or oils used?

Nope. In a chair massage, clients sit fully clothed and massages are given over the clothes with no oils or lotions.


What's the best place to set up the corporate massages?

Most companies set up the massages in a conference room that isn't being used, or in an empty office. But we have done massages in corporate gyms, waiting rooms, cubicles, and even storage closets!

But overall, a semi-private quiet space is the best atmosphere (and most relaxing) for a seated massage.

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What do we need to provide for the massage therapist?

All the massage therapist needs to perform the workplace massages is a space (see above), an electrical outlet (if you want them to provide relaxing music), and a trash can for them to dispose of their sanitation supplies. That's it!


Do the therapists need a break between each seated massage?

The massage therapist doesn't need a break between each massage. The chair massages can be scheduled back-to-back. The therapist only needs about 30 seconds between clients to sanitize the chair before starting the next corporate massage.


Do we need to schedule a lunch break for the therapist?

If the event is longer than 3.5 hours, we will schedule in a paid 15-minute break for the massage therapist. If it is 6 hours or more, we will schedule in a paid 15-minute break and an unpaid 30 minute lunch break. You don't need to worry about scheduling it because that's our job.

Our massage therapist break policy is as follows:

Shift Length
0-3.5 hours or less No break No meal break
3.5-6 hours 15-minute paid break No meal break
6-7.5 hours 15-minute paid break 30-minute unpaid meal break
7.5-8 hours plus (2) 15-minute paid breaks 30-minute unpaid meal break
10 hours plus (2) 15-minute paid breaks (2) 30-minute unpaid meal breaks


What if we want to have the same massage therapist back to our office?

If you love your massage therapist and want to have them back in, we've got you're back! Just let us know how you feel and we will make it happen. 


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Amelia Wilcox
Written by Amelia Wilcox

Part massage therapist, part entrepreneur, Amelia first experienced the benefits of massage therapy as a child suffering from headaches. Massage helped, and now she’s returning the favor to her clients every day. A 2002 graduate of UCMT, you can find her running, baking, exploring with her husband, or singing her guilty pleasure, “Reflections” from Disney’s Mulan when she’s not hard at work.