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Corporate Chair Massage in Chicago

From the mind-blowing architecture to the mind-numbing cold all the way to the incredible food, extreme hospitality and reckless devotion to the Cubs, Chicago is a fantastic city. There’s really know other way to put it.

Chicago, you also know the value of hard work. You’re not big on the glitz and glamour of the Big Apple, and you don’t buy into the California hype. Tough, gritty, blue collar—you like working hard and getting things done. And that’s why we’re here.


Wondering What Workplace Massage Will Cost?

Our pricing for corporate massage in Chicago can fit any budget. Just tell us what you need, and we will arrive in force with massage therapists for anywhere from 4-40,000 people. 

Use our Quote Calculator to find out exact cost right now:

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Chair Massage Eases the Workload

Between the long winters and long workdays, you (and we’re talking all of you) could use a good chair massage. And we’re not talking about the weekend, pampered, resort-type of massage here (although we don’t mind those ourselves).

We mean chair massage when you need it most—while you’re working. Here’s why:

It turns out that office work isn’t so good for us. In fact, it’s really bad for us.

Recent studies show that sitting, largely immobile, most of the day is shortening our life spans. All in all, it’s creating a degree of physical stress that’s not just destroying our bodies—it’s having a negative financial impact on business.

Part of the solution is getting up, exercising, standing desks, etc. But Chicago, corporate chair massage definitely helps. And we’ve made it easy.


Chicago's Corporate Massage Leaders

Why choose Incorporate Massage for your Chicago workplace massage needs? We're glad you asked...

Incorporate Massage takes care of all the details from online employee scheduling and appointment reminders, to email campaigns and calendar integration, leaving you free to do your job.

office chair massage in Chicago Illinois

We provide workplace massage across Chicagoland, including:

  • Chicago, IL
  • Evanston, IL
  • Arlington Heights, IL
  • Cicero, IL
  • Aurora, IL
  • Weaton, IL
  • Joliet, IL
  • Hammond, IL
  • Naperville, IL


Chair Massage When And Where it Matters Most

There’s been a recent health renaissance within the corporate ranks. Companies are starting to take health more serious. From better snacks and incentives to competitions and gym discounts, companies are constantly thinking of more ways to create happier, healthier employees.

This is amazing, but it’s not all about utopian good will, either. Healthier employees save companies a lot of money. Fewer sick days, not as many worker compensation claims, and more productivity means companies are getting more done on less money.

And Chicago, Chair massage definitely helps businesses save money while creating healthier and happier employees. And it’s definitely more enjoyable than vegan snacks. Here’s why:

Chair massage comes to you. You don’t have to take time off of work. You don’t have to trudge blocks to catch the CTA in the snow. And that’s not all. Out of all the health initiatives in Chicago, onsite massage is one of the only that introduces health as well as happiness at the same time. In other words, it doesn’t just work—corporate massage actually feels good.

chair massage chicago, IL


Corporate Massage Made Simple  

At Incorporate Massage, we’ve made the entire process of bringing corporate massage to your Chicago office simple and painless.

It all starts with a free quote. You tell us how many employees you have and what type of plan you like. You can either take care of scheduling yourself or we can provide our scheduling service and the digital resources to manage your entire program.

That’s it. We’ll show up at the designated place and time with our certified massage therapists ready to give your employees a perk that they won’t forget. We also provide the music, aromatherapy, and personal attention to detail that makes each of our massages unique.


Get Started with Corporate Chair Massage

It’s simple, easy, and most importantly, it feels really, really good. Give us a call or fill out the form to the right. We’d love to answer your questions and help you bring workplace massage to your business.


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