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World Class Chair Massage Across Indianapolis

America likes to work. The more we work, the more we earn. The more we feel accomplished. The more we feel a sense of purpose. That’s great, and we get it. But the way we work—we’ve got that all wrong. 

If you work in an office setting (most of us), you’ll probably understand what we’re talking about here. Sitting in front of a computer in a cramped office all day is detrimental to our health and happiness. We weren’t supposed to spend our days sitting.

A stiff neck. Aching wrists. Shoulders that feel as if someone folded them up. Anyone who has ever sat behind a desk all day will recognize the symptoms of workplace fatigue.

And workplace fatigue is just the start. Add in the obesity and higher blood pressure that comes with a sedentary lifestyle and the risk for stroke, heart disease, and cancer suddenly climbs. The modern workplace might actually be killing us.


Chair massage is a recess from all that stress.

Workplace fatigue is also costing companies billions of dollars a year. In 2014, organizations spent an estimated $200 billion on health-related expenses. That’s a whole lot of money.

To counteract unhealthy offices, companies have started to take matters into their own hands, swapping out candy bars for healthier snacks, offering gym reimbursements, and other health incentives to name a few. It’s making a difference, but employers are still looking for ways to create healthier offices while making their employees happier and healthier at the same time.

Fortunately, Indianapolis, chair massage is here to help. 


Wondering What Workplace Massage Will Cost?

Our pricing for corporate massage in Indianapolis can fit any budget. Just tell us what you need, and we will arrive in force with massage therapists for anywhere from 4-40,000 people. 

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Indianapolis' Corporate Massage Leaders

Why choose Incorporate Massage for your Indianapolis workplace massage needs? We're glad you asked...

Incorporate Massage takes care of all the details from online employee scheduling and appointment reminders, to email campaigns and calendar integration, leaving you free to do your job.

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We provide chair massage across the Indianapolis metropolitan area, including:

  • Indianapolis, IN
  • Greenwood, IN
  • Lafayette, IN
  • Bloomington, IN
  • Carmel, IN
  • Noblesville, IN
  • Fishers, IN
  • Greenfield, IN
  • Anderson, IN
  • Muncie, IN
  • Alexandria, IN
  • Pendelton, IN


Chair massage doesn’t just feel great, it’s great for you. 

Massage has not only gone mainstream – it’s gone corporate. Companies big and small have discovered the benefits of wellness in the workplace, and they’re using massage as a way to attract and keep employees.

This is a quote we particularly like: Burt Abrams of B.J. Abrams & Associates, an executive recruiting firm in suburban Chicago has offered his employees chair massage over the past several years: “It is a benefit for stress relief, and it feels good,” he says. “It is a benefit that doesn’t cost a whole lot of money, and it gets a lot of good will from your employees.”

The actual benefits that come with chair massage are numerous, but here are just a few:

1. Seated Massage Improves Circulation

Chair massage counters the circulatory problems inherent with office work—and provides an appreciated break for employees. It opens up the muscles and increases blood flow to damaged and/or fatigued areas of the body. 


2. Chair Massage Increases Problem Solving Abilities 

Even a brief chair massage visit can significantly improve problem-solving skills.  A recent study in American Psychologist gave one group of workers a 15-minute rest, and another, a 15-minute massage. The group that received the massage performed significantly better on complicated tasks like math problems.  


3. Corporate Massage Reduces Sick Days

Because chair massage is proven to boost the immune system, it helps employees take fewer sick days. Eliminating or decreasing absenteeism can save your company a whole lot of money. 


4. Enhance Hiring And Retention with Onsite Massage

Valuable workers can take their pick of multiple jobs in any economy. That means it’s essential to attract and retain top talent. In Indianapolis, chair massage can make a big difference when it comes to making sure people choose and stick with your company. 


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Improve health with a chair massage program.

Chair massage isn’t difficult or complicated. At Incorporate Massage, we specialize in in working with national companies, local companies, companies with multiple offices to deliver amazing chair massage. In fact, we’ve developed a process that makes bringing chair massage to your Indianapolis business easier and simpler than ever. 


1. Flexible Massage Programs

We offer a range of packages that fit businesses of any size and any budget. From scheduling your own appointments to full service, we can help you find a chair massage solution that works for you. 


2. Affordable Corporate Massage Pricing

Chair massage isn’t a one-size-fits-all deal. We’ll work with you to determine what level of chair massage program you need. 


3. Simple Chair Massage Scheduling

At Incorporate Massage, we’ve made it easy to schedule, change, and pay for therapy from anywhere. 


4. Single Seated Massage Events

If you’re holding a client event, presenting at a trade show, or sponsoring an event, there’s nothing better than massage to create a lasting impression. We can work with you to take your next event to a higher level. 


5. Full Service Onsite Massage Programs

Each massage we give comes from a professional, certified massage therapist, with music and aromatherapy on request. And tips are always included. 


Chair massage isn’t just a perk for your employees. It’s a way to create a healthier, happier office. What’s more, it keeps your company morale high and your workers productive. If that sounds like something you’d be interested in, let us know. In addition to free quotes, we’re standing by to answer any and all of your questions. 


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