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A week's lead time is perfect, but we can typically accommodate your chair massage needs on much shorter notice, even same day service!

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An army of 1-100 expert MT's arrive with the fixin's for your event, we handle all the details, even scheduling, leaving you completely stress-free.

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Stress goes down. Your people enjoy expert onsite stress relief loaded with health benefits, and you get to look good and walk away the hero.


World Class Chair Massage across Minneapolis-Saint Paul

No matter what we do for a living, we want to love our jobs. Going to the office, putting the hours of our day towards something meaningful, and then coming home with a feeling of accomplishment is at the forefront of our minds when we take our first job, and the desire to love what we do never really seems to go way.

But even though we may love our jobs, going to work can take its toll on our bodies, our health, and our happiness. It’s not the work. It’s not the job. It’s the nature of the modern office. Our bodies weren’t built to sit hunched over our computers, crammed like sardines under florescent lights from 9-5 every day. With stress-related illnesses on the rise, the modern office is creating a very bleak health outlook across the nation. And Minneapolis isn’t immune.


Wondering What Workplace Massage Will Cost?

Our pricing for corporate massage in Minneapolis can fit any budget. Just tell us what you need, and we will arrive in force with massage therapists for anywhere from 4-40,000 people. 

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Minneapolis' Corporate Massage Leaders

Why choose Incorporate Massage for your Twin Cities workplace massage needs? We're glad you asked...

Incorporate Massage takes care of all the details from online employee scheduling and appointment reminders, to email campaigns and calendar integration, leaving you free to do your job.

Minneapolis, MN Office Massage Service

We provide chair massage across the Twin Cities, including:

  • Minneapolis, MN

  • St Paul, MN

  • Roseville, MN

  • Falcon Heights, MN

  • Bloomington, MN

  • Edina, MN

  • St Louis Park, MN

  • New Hope, MN

  • Columbia Heights, MN

  • New Brighton, MN

  • Maplewood, MN

  • West St Paul, MN




Why Onsite Massage?

corporate chair massages Minneapolis, MN

Stress isn’t cheap. Especially when you consider that last year alone, stress-related illness cost US businesses $200 billion. It includes worker compensation claims, sick days, and reduced productivity.

Tight muscles, poor circulation, and repetitive strain injuries are just the tip of the stress-berg. But the point is that if companies don’t take action, their employees' health isn’t the only thing that’s going to suffer—their bottom lines will as well.

Employee massage is good for health. And for business.

Increasing health and happiness at your Minneapolis office isn’t rocket science. But it’s not always easy to pull off either. Healthier snacks are a great start. So are incentive programs designed to get workers off their feet and exercising.

But taking the next step to increasing health takes solutions that are healthy and enjoyable at the same time. And Minneapolis, office chair massage does that and more. Here's what we mean:


  1. Fewer sick days

Stress-related illnesses account for a lot of sick days—sick days that are coming out of your pocket. Workplace massage reduces downtime and sick days and helps save your company money.


  1. Increased alertness

Research shows that just a 20-minute chair massage makes employees more alert. Increased alertness means increased productivity. Increased productivity…well, you get the point.


  1. Decreased anxiety

Anxiety is a real problem. Our job, our marriages, kids, goals, etc. That all adds up, and it begins to take its toll. Massage has been proven to cut down on anxiety. And by introducing chair massage at your office, you’re taking on anxiety on its home turf—giving your employees the relief they need, where and when they need it most.


4. Better posture and well being

Let’s face it: our bodies weren’t built to sit at desks for 8 hours a day. That constant, slouching, seated position takes its toll on our muscles, joints, and morale. Massage reverses the effects of the modern office and helps by increasing blood circulation, improving posture, and making the hours between 9-5 a little more enjoyable.


5. Improved blood pressure

You may not think that sitting behind the desk for so long could be hard on your heart. But you’d be wrong. It increases hypertension, reduces blood circulation, and wreaks havoc on blood pressure. Massage reduces the effect and promotes healthier, stronger hearts.


Minneapolis, MN workplace chair massages

Getting started with office chair massage is easy.

At Incorporate Massage, we believe that chair massage brings a world of good straight to the office. That’s why we’ve made the entire process simple, straightforward, and flexible. Here are 4 ways we make it easy on you:


  1. Simple Office Massage Setup

You don’t have to provide equipment, people or machinery. We take care of the entire thing. All we need is a little bit of space to set up and plenty of people to massage. We’ll bring our massage chairs, certified therapists, and plenty of smiles.


  1. Flexible Scheduling and Payment

At Incorporate Massage, we offer different payment plans depending on your unique needs. You can either take care of your own scheduling (perfect for smaller companies with fewer employees), or we can schedule your appointments for you through a convenient online portal.


  1. Mobile Tools for Employee Massage

Book or schedule your massage appointments wherever and whenever you need to. Pay online or from your phone. We offer real-time analytic feedback on your massage program, and we keep you up to date on improvements and enhancements.


  1. Personalized Experience

From aromatherapy to soothing music, each chair massage comes with a personal touch. We’ll make sure your employees feel relaxed and comfortable. Oh, and tipping is always included.


To find out how we can help increase health, wellness, and happiness in your office, send us a note. We’d love to talk. And quotes are always free.

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