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Say when & where.

A week's lead time is perfect, but we can typically accommodate your chair massage needs on much shorter notice, even same day service!

We rock your world.

An army of 1-100 expert MT's arrive with the fixin's for your event, we handle all the details, even scheduling, leaving you completely stress-free.

Morale goes up.

Stress goes down. Your people enjoy expert onsite stress relief loaded with health benefits, and you get to look good and walk away the hero.


World Class Chair Massage across Raleigh

The modern office is contributing more than the occasional stiff neck or sore back. It is slowly eroding our health in big, profound ways. Yep, even in Raleigh.

People are calling in sick more often. They’re filing more worker compensation claims. And they’re having a hard time reducing their stress in office environments that are, by nature, stress inducing. Our bodies just weren’t meant to work this way.

So office massage provides the perfect fix: it's easy, and makes a big impact on your employees, your company culture, and your bottom line.


Wondering What Chair Massage Costs?

Our pricing for corporate massage in Raleigh can fit any budget. Just tell us what you need, and we will arrive in force with massage therapists for anywhere from 4-40,000 people. 

Use our Quote Calculator to find out exact cost right now:

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Raleigh's Corporate Massage Leaders

Why choose Incorporate Massage for your Raleigh office massage needs? We're glad you asked...

Incorporate Massage takes care of all the details from online employee scheduling and appointment reminders, to email campaigns and calendar integration, leaving you free to do your job.

Raleigh, NC Office Massage Service


Why Onsite Massage in Raleigh?

corporate chair massages Raleigh, NC


Recent studies have shown that a relaxing 20-minute massage does a whole lot more than just relax us. It delivers a truckload of amazing benefits that go well beyond helping us feel good. Here are just a few.


  1. Office massage lowers blood pressure

High blood pressure has more misconceptions than nearly any other medical condition. But one effective way to stave off high blood pressure naturally is regular massage therapy.


  1. Improves posture

Better posture helps us breathe easier. It decreases chronic back pain. And less time focused on pain means more time focused on work.


  1. Strengthens the immune system

More and more, we’re learning that common illnesses are increasingly linked to stress. Reduce the stress, reduce the amount of sick days your employees take.


  1. Increases circulation

The pressure created by massage therapy moves blood through congested areas. This causes new blood to flow in, resulting improved body function.


  1. Enhances focus and productivity

After just a 20-minute massage, employees report and increase in focus, alertness, and productivity. That has some serious business advantages.


We provide chair massage across The City of Oaks, including:

  • Southeast Raleigh, NC

  • Garner, NC

  • Southwest Raleigh, NC

  • Cary, NC

  • Durham, NC

  • Millbrook, NC

  • Northwest Raleigh, NC

  • North Raleigh, NC

  • Wake Forest, NC

  • Rolesville, NC

  • Knightdale, NC

  • Chapel Hill, NC


Bringing office chair massage to Raleigh with a simple, flexible, affordable plan

At Incorporate Massage, we take a different approach to chair massage. It’s because we believe that it should be simple and flexible enough for anyone to implement in their business, regardless of size or budget.

We’ve built a company passionate about massage and dedicated to making it work for businesses all over the country. Here’s what Incorporate Massage will bring to your Raleigh employees:


  1. Flexibility

If you’re running a special event or incentive program, we can work with you. If you want to make chair massage part of your daily, weekly, or monthly routine, we’d love to help you set up a plan. However you want to bring chair massage into your office, we can make it work.


  1. Technology

With mobile applications that let your employees schedule and cancel their own appointments from anywhere, you don’t have to add one more thing to your already-busy plate of tasks.


  1. Affordability

Chair massage isn’t a one-size-fits-all deal. We’ll work with you to determine what program level will work best for you.


  1. Simplicity

At Incorporate Massage, we’ve made it easy to schedule, change, and pay for your office massage program from anywhere.


5. Full Service Workplace Massage

Each massage we give comes from a professional, certified massage therapist who provides customized service to each and every client. Music and aromatherapy are provided as well. And tips are always included in your total cost.


Raleigh, NC workplace chair massages

Getting started with office chair massage is easy.

However you decide to bring chair massage into your office. We’re standing by to help. Our friendly, certified therapists are the best in the industry. And we’re all driven by the same goal: to make people healthier and happier with massage—one office at a time.

Finding a solution that works for your business is simple. Just contact us and tell us a little about yourself, including how many people and how often you’d like us to come. That’s it. We’ll send you a free quote and help answer any and all of your questions. With Incorporate Massage, all you have to do is sit back and…relax.

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