How much will it cost you for a dose of chair massage? 

  One-Time Event
Employee Appreciation, Health Fairs, Corporate Retreats, etc.
Recurring Program
Weekly, Monthly, or Quarterly Massage Programs
2-5 hours $95 per hour* $85 per hour*
6-10 hours $90 per hour* $80 per hour*
11-15 hours $85 per hour* $75 per hour*
16-30 hours $80 per hour* $70 per hour*
31-50 hours $75 per hour* $65 per hour*
51+ hours $70 per hour* $60 per hour*
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*Pricing for the following states is $10 per hour per therapist additional to pricing shown here: CA, WA, NY, NJ, FL, D.C.

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Have questions about our chair massage pricing?

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Chair Massage Pricing FAQs

Do I have to sign a contract?

For recurring programs, we have a month to month service agreement. You can cancel anytime. For events, you don't need to sign anything!

Can I have my employees pay for it?

We provide employer-paid massage events only. But we do offer employee subsidized massage programs, which can help make your massage budget stretch further. We believe in working with companies who choose to invest in their employees. If you want to understand why we feel that way, read our article on Employee-Paid Massage Programs.

What’s included in a massage program?

Our Premium Massage Programs include everything from a custom email campaign and online employee scheduling, to monthly analytics and a dedicated account manager. It's where hands on meets high tech. Check it out.

Can I pay for the year in full?

You betcha. 

Is there a minimum?

We require a 2 hour minimum block of time for all programs and events to have a therapist travel to your location.

Do I need to tip the massage therapist(s)?

Tipping is included in the corporate chair massage prices we offer. You may tip additionally if you desire, but it is in no way expected or required at all.

Can I try out your chair massages first?

Absolutely. We offer a free one hour massage demo to any company wanting to give it a spin before committing. If you want more than hour, you can pay for the massage and add that free demo into your first corporate massage event with us.

What if I need to add or decrease hours?

For events, our corporate massage policies are that you can adjust the time frame for massage up to 24 hours before the event. For programs, we need 30 days notice to decrease your monthly hours, but we can usually accommodate extending the hours with 24 hours notice (and sometimes even less!).

Do I have to put down a deposit?

For events under $1000, we don't require anything but a credit card number to hold your reservation. For events over $1000, we hold a 50% deposit for your event.