2-hour corporate massage event $190 BUY 2-hour gift certificate
4-hour corporate massage event $380  BUY 4-hour gift certificate
6-hour corporate massage event $570  BUY 6-hour gift certificate
Build your own massage gift certificate $95/hour  Build your own gift certificate

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corporate massage gift certificates


Tips for Buying a Corporate Massage Gift Certificate

How many massages will they get?

When you purchase an amount for your gift certificate, you're just committing to a given block of time. But the number of massages given during that time could vary. It's something the recipient can decide upon. 

Here's a general guideline if only one massage therapist was providing massage at a time:

 corporate massage gifts


How many massage therapists will be there?

Your gift certificate is given in terms of hours of massage time. The hours of massage may be given by multiple massage therapists, as needed.

This is something we'll arrange with the gift certificate recipient.

EXAMPLE:  For a 4-hour gift certificate, here are a couple options:

  • 1 massage therapist providing massages during a 4-hour time period


  • 2 massage therapists providing massages at the same time during a 2-hour time period
    • This gives you 4 hours' worth of massage time over a period of 2 hours


Where and when will the massages take place?

We will coordinate with your massage gift certificate recipient where they'd like the massages to take place, but typically it will be arranged at their workplace. 

If there are several hours of massage included in the gift certificate, it's possible the massage event could be spread out over multiple days. Or they could have it all in one day. 


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