Houston is hurting and we are here to help!

Incorporate Massage has organized Hands Healing Houston to provide relief in our own special way to the victims of Hurricane Harvey -- through the healing power of massage!

Massage for Houston Hurricane relief

What are we doing?

  1. Providing free onsite massage events for relief workers across the Houston area 
  2. Providing work for massage therapists on our staff and outside of our staff in the Houston area who are now out of work 

How can you help?

  1. By telling us where to go. If you know of any relief organizations who could use some relief themselves, let us know so we can reach out and organize an army of massage for their troops.
  2. By hiring us. If you're a company in the Houston area and are still open for business, we are offering a special low rate to get our Houston team out and working and earning some money to buy food for their families.
  3. By donating to our GoFundMe account. All 100% of funds donated go directly to our massage therapists to pay them to provide free massage for relief workers, first responders and volunteers.
  4. By spreading the word. If you have any connections that could help share our message or partner with us so we can gain more traction with our campagin and reach more people across Houston, we would LOVE it! You can share this page on social media by clicking these share buttons:

Hands Healing Houston Massage relief for Hurricane Harvey 

How can we help?