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Chair Massage Across KC Metro

At Incorporate Massage, we’ve been passionate about practicing workplace massage for years. It’s a craft that combines soul and science into one powerful form that’s helping people. 


People Need Corporate Massage

The workplace isn’t what it used to be. In fact, our grandparents probably wouldn’t recognize it at all. We work longer hours, and we spend those hours strapped to a desk, staring at a computer screen with little to no movement.

Today, employees are suffering from a lot of different health concerns, and it’s all adding up—specifically to the tune of $200 billion a year in health-related expenses.


Onsite Massage to Ease the Workload

The modern office is taking a physical and emotional toll. And it’s not just an uncomfortable situation—it’s a deadly one.

More and more often, studies suggest that the way we’re spending most of our lives working is leading to increased obesity and higher blood pressure, and that’s putting us at a much higher risk of cancer and stroke. Those are the two leading causes of death in the US. Coincidence?

Organizations and employees alike have started to realize that if we don’t have our health, what do we really have? Essentially nothing. So, in an effort to stem the outward flow of health-related costs while improving employee health at the same time, companies have started to take matters into their own hands.

Gone are the days of sugary, caffeinated sodas and snacks in the break room. They’ve been replaced by a series of health initiatives aimed at recalibrating organizations towards a healthier lifestyle, including gym membership reimbursements, health fairs, incentives, and healthier meal options.

All of this is making a difference, but there’s still a big piece missing. New research suggests that even exercise and a healthy diet can’t undo the torture we put our bodies through in the day. Companies need solutions that both improve health and make employees happier at the same time. Massage at work does both.

Wondering What Workplace Massage Will Cost?

Our pricing for corporate massage in Kansas City can fit any budget. Just tell us what you need, and we will arrive in force with massage therapists for anywhere from 4-40,000 people. 

Use our Quote Calculator to find out exact cost right now:

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Onsite Massage Heals

More and more, onsite massage is becoming a mainstay in offices, and there’s good reason for it. Workplace massage is a unique health solution because it feels great while being great for you at the same time. Just how great? Here are a few benefits that seated massage delivers to employees:


1. Chair Massage Boosts Relaxation

This is a given. With a 15 minute office massage, employees feel more relaxed, less stressed, and a greater sense of calm. This pays big dividends in a highly competitive, stressful atmosphere.


2. Seated Massage Increases Range of Motion

Office massages specifically target the muscles that lock up because of our poor desk postures. With greater range of motion, you’re avoiding immediate ergonomic health issues like carpal tunnel while preventing serious injury down the road.


3. Onsite Massage Reduces Sick Days

Seated massage is proven to boost immune system. That means few sick days and less absenteeism in your office. 


4. Workplace Massage Increases Blood Circulation

Poor circulation that comes from sitting still all day leads to higher blood pressure and obesity, which can lead to an increase in cancer and stroke risk. Corporate chair massage improves blood circulation while lowering blood pressure

 chair massage in KC Kansas City

Kansas City's Corporate Massage Leaders

Why choose Incorporate Massage for your Kansas City workplace massage needs? We're glad you asked...

Incorporate Massage takes care of all the details from online employee scheduling and appointment reminders, to email campaigns and calendar integration, leaving you free to do your job.

office chair massage in Kansas City Missouri


We provide chair massage across the KC area, including:

  • Kansas City, MO
  • Independence, MO
  • Liberty, MO
  • Overland Park, KS
  • Shawnee, KS
  • Olathe, KS




How Does Workplace Massage Work?

Bringing seated massage to your Kansas City office is a win-win. It helps improve health, happiness, and employee morale. Plus, offering workplace massage makes your company a desirable place to work, and that’s huge for attracting and maintaining top talent.

And at Incorporate Massage, we’ve made it easier than ever to bring onsite massage to your Kansas City office. We offer plans and services for businesses of any size and any budget that include: 


1. Mobile Massage Scheduling

With Incorporate Massage, you can schedule your massage appointments from anywhere, at anytime, whether it’s from your computer or your phone. 


2. Real-Time Massage Program Analytics

Get up-to-date information on how your employees are using your massage program along with results. 


3. Flexible Workplace Massage Scheduling

Choose to schedule your own appointments (perfect for smaller businesses) or have us manage your entire massage schedule for you (great for larger organizations). 


4. The Complete Corporate Massage Package

Aromatherapy, relaxing music, and highly skilled, professionally licensed massage therapists ensure that each employee massage is tailored to the person receiving it. 


5. A Wide Range of Chair Massage Services

From regularly-scheduled visits to your workplace to single corporate events, tradeshows or client appreciation dinners, we serve up chair massage however you like it, and in whatever form works best for you.


Get started with chair massage today.

We’re passionate about corporate massage and excited to bring it to your Kansas City office. We’ll work with you to develop a custom plan that fits the way your company and employees work.

To start, give us a call or request a free estimate. We’re standing by to answer your questions and help any way we can. 

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