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Corporate Massage Services

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What is the Cost of a Portland, Oregon Chair Massage?

Feb 9, 2017 4:30:00 PM

Are you wondering what chair massage costs in Portland, Oregon? We're here to tell you everything you need to know about chair massage rates in Portland. 

Chair Massage Costs in Portland, Oregon

Portland Oregon chair massage costs

Portland Chair Massage Rates

Across the United States, corporate chair massage rates are generally the same. Pricing starts at $60 per therapist per hour and goes up to $100 per therapist per hour. The total cost of your event will be calculated based on how many employees will receive massages, how long each of those massages will be, and how many therapists you'll need. 

Chair massage rates in Portland, Oregon

What does chair massage pricing include? 

Let's talk about what your chair massage rate will cover. 

1. Wages and Tips

Your massage therapist's wages will always be included in your chair massage total. Some companies will include tips for your therapists, but others won't. Be sure to ask during your booking process. 

2. Chair Massage Supplies

Between each massage, your therapists will wipe down the massage chair with sanitizing spray. They'll also replace the barrier on the facerest of the massage chair. 

In some cases, your therapist may offer to use oils or lotions to use on your employees necks or hands during their massage. If your employees choose to use these, it's not usually an additional cost. 

3. Administrative support

Your chair massage rate covers the scheduling and staffing of your massage event. A team of people will make sure the best therapists show up toy our event. Some companies may even schedule each massage indivudally for you. 

5. Travel

Don't worry—you're not going to have to pay extra to have therapists come to you. The cost of travel is included in your chair massage quote. 

6. Miscellaneous

Your quote will cover other miscellaneous costs as well, including licensing fees and chair massage equipment. 

Chair massage pricing in Portland, Oregon

How can we manage the costs of chair massage? 

  • Share chair massage costs with another department

It shouldn't be hard to find another department to split the chair massage expense with. Both sets of employees will receive massages, you can split the bill, and everyone will be happy. 

  • Use another budget to pay for corporate chair massage

Employee chair massage has so many benefits; add massage to your wellness program and use your wellness budget. Are you having an event and you want to bring massage in? Use your event budget. It's not hard to get creative about funding corporate massage. 

  • Ask your employees to pitch in a little for their chair massages

If each of your employees pay a little towards their own massage, it'll add up quickly and cut down what you'll have to spend. 

If you're still looking for a more specific idea of what to expect employee massage to cost, use our quote calculator

corporate chair massage quote

Emily Russon
Written by Emily Russon