Carpal Tunnel and Massage

Carpal Tunnel and Massage
  • Forty-six adults with hand pain were randomly assigned to a massage therapy or a standard treatment control group. Those assigned to the massage therapy group were massaged by a therapist on the affected hand once a week for a 4-week period. The massage therapy group versus the control group had less pain and greater grip strength after the first and last sessions, and their anxiety and depressed mood scores decreased more than the control group, as well as decreased sleep disturbances. (Field, T., Diego, M., Delgado, J., Garcia, D., Fink, C. G. Hand pain is reduced by massage therapy. Complementary Therapies in Clinical Practice, March 2011.) Abstract
  • Randomized study on people with carpal tunnel syndrome. They received twice-weekly massage for 6 weeks and the results were improved strength, function, and decreased symptoms associated with carpal tunnel syndrome. Massage therapy may be a practical intervention for compression neuropathies, such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. (Moraska A; Chandler C; Edmiston-Schaetzel A; Franklin G; Calenda EL; Enebo B. Comparison of a targeted and general massage protocol on strength, function, and symptoms associated with carpal tunnel syndrome: a randomized pilot study. Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, 2008 Apr; Vol. 14 (3), pp. 259-67.)  Abstract
  • In a study on massage and carpal tunnel, participants in a massage therapy group improved on median peak latency and grip strength. They also experienced lower levels of perceived pain, anxiety, and depressed mood. The results suggest that symptoms of CTS might be relieved by a daily regimen of massage therapy. (Field, T., Diego, M., Cullen, C., Hartshorn, K., Gruskin, A., Hernandez-Reif, M., & Sunshine, W. Carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms are lessened following massage therapy. Journal of Bodywork and Movement Therapies, Volume 8, Issue 1, January 2004, Pages 9-14.) Abstract
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome symptoms can be decreased through regular massageResearch Brief
  • Twenty-two CTS patients were treated Massage Therapy consisting of 6 treatments twice per week of soft tissues of wrist and hands and of carpal bones. Pts were assessed for hand sensitivity, paresthesia, hand strength, hand and forearm pain, night awakening;  Massage Therapy improved Carpal Tunnel Syndrome signs and symptoms, with benefits maintained at follow-up. (Bongi, S., Signorini, M., Bassetti, M., Rosso, A,. Orlandi, M., Scisciolo, G., A manual therapy intervention improves symptoms in patients with carpal tunnel syndrome: a pilot study Rheumatology International, May 2013.) Abstract