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Massage Therapist Resources

6 min read

Tips For Effective Massage Therapy Documentation SOAP Notes

By Kelly Butterfield, LMT on Mar 13, 2018 10:00:00 AM

Massage therapists and other health care professionals often use SOAP notes to document clients' health records. SOAP notes (an acronym for subjective, objective, assessment, and plan) have become a standardized form of note-taking and are critically important for a variety reasons.

Why are they so important? We are happy you asked.

In this article, we'll cover some common ways to document your SOAP notes in a massage therapy setting, as well as the role of client intake forms in your practice.

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3 min read

Tips for Treating Clients with Thoracic Outlet Syndrome

By Kelly Butterfield, LMT on Feb 5, 2018 4:48:24 PM

Because of a similar pain pattern, thoracic outlet syndrome is sometimes mistaken for carpal tunnel syndrome.

But thoracic outlet syndrome is unique in that it usually can be distinguished by a pain that originates in the shoulder and extends all the way down the arm. This uncomfortable feeling is sometimes due to an impingement of the brachial nerve.

In this training video, see how you can identify and treat thoracic outlet syndrome during a chair massage session.

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3 min read

Chair Massage Techniques to Save Your Thumbs [video]

By Kelly Butterfield, LMT on Nov 29, 2017 10:00:00 AM

To guarantee a long-lasting career, you'll want to use the best body mechanics possible.

One common mistake that massage therapists make is to over-use their thumbs. To protect your joints, you will want to make sure that you are not generating the force behind your massage with the strength of your thumbs alone.

Using your forearms and elbows as tools instead can really save you and your career!

In this article, we'll cover some ways you can keep your thumbs safe when giving a massage.

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6 min read

6 Easy Places to Find Online Massage Therapy CEUs

By Erin Hall on Oct 17, 2017 11:00:00 AM

Every few years, licensed or certified massage therapists are required to take continuing education courses to keep their credentials current. Continuing education units, or CEUs, include anything from a few hours of study to several days' worth of hands-on practice, depending on the topic chosen.

The number credits and type of classes you'll need will vary from state to state. Many massage therapy schools and other professional massage organizations will offer continuing education workshops that you can attend for a few hours or for a few days back-to-back. It's a great way to expand your skill set in an immersive hands-on training. 

But sometimes it's nice to take care of your credit requirements from the comfort of your own home. That's why online CEU classes for massage therapists are so popular.

The trick is finding online massage therapy courses from a legitimate source. 

In this article, you'll get tips on searching for online CEU options yourself, as well as 7 great online CEU hubs to get started. 

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