Incorporate Massage Renewal Corporate Spa

Why Have an Onsite Corporate Spa? 

Providing an onsite corporate spa for your employees is a cost-effective way for large companies to:


  • Improve office morale
  • Decrease employee stress 
  • Save employees time
  • Provide a unique benefit
  • Save employees money 
  • Attract top talent
  • Stay competitive


The Incorporate Massage Renewal Spa allows employees to relax and recharge onsite, without having to try to schedule time during the weekday evenings or weekends.


 What is Renewal Corporate Spa? Incorporate Massage Renewal Onsite Corporate Spa

The Renewal Corporate Spa is the first permanant onsite corporate spa solution for large corporations.

Your Renewal Spa is housed on site at your office location. 

Select the Renewal Spas services you want: 

  • Massage (most popular!)
    • Swedish massage
    • Deep tissue massage
    • Hot stone massage
  • Manicures / pedicures
  • Facials and skin treatments
  • Body treatments such as wraps and scrubs

Renewal Corporate Spa doesn't just save employees time. Renewal Spa creates an easy way for employees to have a productive break while at work. And that means an increase in morale, focus and productivity.


Why Choose Renewal Corporate Spa?

Starting an onsite corporate spa is a big undertaking. It's not a simple project that can be completed quickly. Incorporate Massage has over 6 years of experience specializing in creating custom massage programs for companies across the US.

A corporate spa is essentially a mini-business within your company. It can't be someone's side project -- it's a full time job. This is often why many businesses choose to hire us to come in and manage it.


We make things easy for you! We:

  • Save you time -- we manage everything
  • Save you money -- no ongoing costs to provide massages
  • Specialize in working with large employers
  • Are compliant with insurance and licensing requirements 
  • Have a proven model to keep employees happy and engaged


How Do I Get Started?

To get a Renewal Spa of your own, you just need the following:

  • A campus of at least 1000 employees
  • A centrally located space that can be outfitted for the spa
  • A small budget to cover the cost of spa equipment
  • Effective marketing communications available to promote your spa
  • Someone for us to coordinate with to make it an effective program

If you meet those criteria, simply fill out the form and we will get you started with an excellent affordable onsite spa solution for your employees.

Or just give us a call at 1 (800) 556-2950