Teacher Appreciation Day 2017 Is Here!!


May 1st is around the corner.

And you may be thinking that May it’s just another garden variety Spring day. And we wouldn’t blame you. But there’s more to May than spring flowers and sunshine.


It’s Teacher Appreciation Day.

It’s the day we recognize the people who molded us into the literate, capable people we’ve become. It’s the day we highlight the altruistic efforts of the people who are helping our children to read, to grow and to develop into strong, little humans.


How do we give back?

There’s no better way to show an overworked, under-appreciated group of angels than free massages—on the house—courtesy of Incorporate Massage. Massage has been proven to be the most effective way to relieve stress, so why not share that love with our community’s teachers? Let’s get started.


Brandon Taking Care of TeachersBrandon Taking Care of Teachers 2Julie Taking Care of Teachers

We call it Taking Care of Teachers.

And here’s how it works:

  1. You nominate your favorite school (use the handy form below)
  2. Tell us why they deserve a day of stress relief (dig deep, the more compelling the better!)
  3. Our team votes on the winners

Then we’ll roll into the lucky school with an army of massage chairs and several pairs of hands ready to pay these educators back for all the lessons, patience, hard work, dedication (did we already say patience?) that they gave us and continue to give our kids. 

There’s no catch, no hidden agenda, and it’s just our favorite way to give back to the community.

Nominate your favorite school for our Taking Care of Teachers program so we can help those teachers relax and renew, to come back fresh and invigorated to feed their classroom full of hungry minds.


Nomimations for 2017 are now OPEN!

Fill out the form below to nominate your school.


Taking Care of Teachers Nomination Form