MISSION: To provide stress-free massage experiences for businesses while creating opportunities for massage therapists



make people happy 

exceed client expectations and deliver world-class service to turn clients into brand evangelists. provide meaningful, fulfilling and flexible employment with opportunities for training and career advancement. 

be the solution

don't walk past a problem you can solve. be empowered to fix things for clients on the spot. come to leadership with solutions, not problems. jump in when coworkers need help even if it’s not your job.

work hard, play hard

work hard on the clock. be efficient, proactive, and get stuff done. enjoy the benefits of job flexibility to live life to the fullest and maintain work-life balance. always have a sense of  humor. 

talk it out

communicate clearly, timely, and directly. always speak well of others. never take offense. be comfortable with feedback and criticism.  own your mistakes and use them as an opportunity to learn and improve. 



Incorporate Massage Core Values