Corporate massage. Improve your culture. Change your business.

  • So glad we made the decision to add corporate massage services as a benefit! As we have recruited new talent, chair massages have been an attractive benefits to our potential employees. Brandon Fish, VP of Human Resources Corporate chair massage at Entrata

  • Our corporate chair massage program is organized and utilized more by the employees. I recommend Incorporate Massage hands down to any company looking for start a corporate massage program at their facility. Lauren Reichman, Senior Wellness Coordinator Onsite massage at usana

  • Working with Incorporate Massage is wonderful! Amelia and her team as super professional and are extremely flexible with our needs and requests. Our employees love having the 10 minutes of Zen that IM provides. Staci Recksiek, HR Manager clearlink corporate chair massage

  • We have noticed a marked difference in our employees since we started our office massage program. Productivity and overall employee satisfaction have increased and our customer service ratings have improved as well. Aaron Call, VP Sales and Operations GA Corporate Massage Events

  • Since we started working with Incorporate Massage, our employees circle massage day on their calendars and look forward to coming into to work on that day in particular. Noelle Bates, VP of Marketing Corporate Chair Massages at Needle Inc

  • Corporate massage therapy really is the best perk ever... Our employees are giddy every Thursday when someone reminds them it's "massage day". Scott Evanson, CBDO/Co-Founder Corporate massages at Smart Rhino Labs


Our Corporate Chair Massage Services

Wonder what to expect when we come in and rock your world? Our comfortable, fully adjustable massage chairs fit any body type, even full term pregnancy, and don’t require anyone to undress. We provide relaxing music and all the supplies, all you need to do is tell us when and where. Our onsite stress relief and morale boosting powers look a little something like this….

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Problems We Solve

A 15-minute chair massage is proven to reduce employee stress by 85%. And we take care of all the details including scheduling, payments, and monthly reporting.


On-site massage can reduce health care expenses for your company by 33%. This is through reducing doctors visits, , repetitive strain injuries, and prescription drug costs for pain, anxiety and depression.

Office massage services decrease stress while increasing company loyalty, and can also improve recruiting efforts. More importantly, they send employees home with smiles on their faces.


In-office seated massage keeps employees on their A-game. By decreasing stress regularly, employees return to their desks focused, alert, and stress-free.

Nothing boosts employee morale like a regular massage program. When employees start looking forward to Monday morning, morale and loyalty are dramatically boosted.


The number one cause of workplace injuries is repetitive stress. Regular massage keeps muscles and tendons happy and healthy, so fewer employees get  injured.