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Are you looking for a basic overview of what chair massage is?

Learn how chair massage is different from table massage as well as some benefits.

Table Massage Vs. Chair Massage

Table massage is likely what most people are familiar with, even if they've never had a massage. In this situation, the client lies on a massage table, modestly covered by a sheet. The massage therapist uses lotion or oil to work out trigger points, tension, and tight muscles.

However, in a chair massage, the client is fully clothed and sitting in a specialized chair. The massage chair is designed for the client to rest forward slightly, with their arms and legs supported. A face cradle supports the client's head. The massage therapist works muscles and knots through the client's clothes, and so lotion or oil is not used. Though occasionally, the therapist may use some lotion on the neck or forearms/hands.

Why Do Chair Massage?

Chair massage is a much more portable way of bringing massage to clients. For this reason, chair massage is popular at events, trade shows, conventions, conferences, and other big events. It's also an easy way for employers to provide massage at work.

Since chair massage doesn't require clients to disrobe, it's a much quicker turn-around time between each massage session, allowing for several sessions in a short period of time. 

Benefits of Chair Massage

Like table massage, chair massage offers numerous benefits. After a 15-minute chair massage session, clients can expect to see these kinds of results:

  • Reduced muscle tension & knots

  • Deeper breathing

  • Headache relief

  • Stress reduction

  • Increased focus and attention

Because of results like these, and its portability, chair massage is a popular option for employers who want to improve productivity or morale.

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